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Shaving Service 

all our luxury shaves start off with a full in depth analysis of your skin and the directional hair growth of your beard , armed with this knowledge your barber will know exactly which shaving techniques and angles to use to give you the ultimate close shave.

Your shave starts off with a luxury beard softening  oil that prepares your skin for an open blade shave. Next you are  treated to a hot towel that opens up all the hair cuticles, the beard is then lathered up using Taylor of old bond street shaving cream you are now ready to be shaved,we repeat this technique twice once going with the hair growth and secondly going against the hair growth, this ensures your shave is as close as possible .

On completion of your shave we apply one more hot towel to close the pores of the skin. we the apply Musgo Real after shave balm and massage the head and face. to kill any bacteria we apply some after shave.

Luxury wet shave £28


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